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Medical Facial SERVICES

Biorevitalization Treatment

NEW from Italy! Brightens, redefines and tightens skin. Natural skin rejuvenation reduces the effects of aging with no down time, no photo-sensitivity, no peeling, no needles, no pain. Safe in the summer months. This treatment stimulates skin at the dermal layer, protects, and gives new vitality to the skin every day at any age!


The PRX Protocol includes the WiQo P Solution to cleanse the skin delicately, the PRXT33, a TCA peel encased in H2O2, which boosts stimulation, the WiQo Moisturizing Face Cream to restore the skin, and lastly, the WiQo Facial Smoothing Fluid to complete and maintain the skin followed with an SPF.

Micro-Needling Treatment

This treatment utilizes micro-needling procedures along side a combination of PRFM or BioRepeel. Micro-needling is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that helps to regenerate the skin by promoting collagen production while nourishing the skin.



Xeomin/ Botox

Dermal Fillers/Contourers

Forehead lines, glabella (in between eyes), brow lift, crow’s feet (around eyes), bunny lines (wrinkles on nose), vertical lip lines, lip flip, down-turned smile, gummy smile, chin, jaw sulcus, horizontal neck lines, platysma neck bands, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), TMJ Bruxism (clenching), masseter hypertropy, tension headache.

Dermal fillers for Cheeks, jawlines, lip filler, tear troughs, temple, facial wrinkles and folds, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, hands, dilute and hyperdilute Radiesse for crepey skin crepey neck, improving skin quality & firmness: Face, Neck, Decolletage, Upper Arms, Upper legs, Abdomen & Buttockes.

Radiesse, Revanesse Versa, Belotero, & Restylane Contour

Aerolase NEO

Aerolase is a contactless laser treatment that tackles any skin imperfection from acne to scarring, wrinkles to hair removal. This technology penetrates deep into the skin layers to heat the targets without adverse effects, resulting in clear, healthy skin. There is no downtime for any Aerolase procedure, and results are fast.

Aerolase NEO is a specific service performed using the Aerolase Laser and its technology. Energy is delivered to the skin fast with it’s 650 microsecond pulse width making it extremely gentle. This treatment results in deeper dermal stimulation for collagen production, coagulation of vessels, and absorption of melanin to keep your healthy skin looking younger faster!

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