Kind words from our beloved clientele.

Five out of five stars! Do you want to be gorgeous? Linda Zurich is your practitioner, because she is an aesthetic genius. She is kind, super knowledgeable, and very, very skilled. Linda’s customer service couldn’t be better-she takes time the time with you that you need to ask questions. I REALLY feel more beautiful than I have in years. Thank you Linda. Sincerely, Yvonne

Linda Zurich is my personal facial artist! I’ll admit, I’m super vain about my appearance. Linda listens to all of my concerns. My jaw area was done a month ago, I am thrilled with the results! My neck is next! ( I can’t wait) Linda consistently builds upon her medical knowledge. The end result is I’m so happy with my face! This also carries over to the wonderful care she provides to her clients. ~Anonymous

As a relatively new user to injectables, I can not express the amazing confidence I have in the products Linda uses. The education and skill my practitioner has and gives the client is well beyond what I would imagine it would be. The way my lips look…all I can say is “yep I’m obsessed with my lips!” I will never, ever, not be a client! ~Anonymous

I have been both a Botox and Xeomin user. I feel the Xeomin gives me faster and better results as well as lasts longer. The skill of the practitioner is very important. I would highly recommend Linda Zurich to anyone looking to feel more confident and more youthful. She is extremely well educated and constantly seeking the best and most efficient ways to get the results that her clients want! ~Daisie

Linda is amazing! I was immediately put to ease with her vast knowledge, as well as the discrete, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere she helped to provide. Thank you for making me fell and look like a star! ~Erinne

Being a millennial, keeping up with the latest trend is a huge chore. I’ve been self conscious about my skin (acne/smile lines) since I can remember. When consulting with Linda, she pointed out that my forehead was the main project. She also sells skin care products that can help nip my cystic acne in the butt! I trusted her knowledge and after 10 minutes I noticed results that would change my whole outlook on my skin. Linda’s suggestion of Xeomin on my forehead & frown lines, her steady hand and perfect concocted amount of Xeomin has gotten me SEVERAL compliments on my skin. I don’t slightly think about my acne or smile lines. Not only does she use a light to reveal veins (so you don’t bruise), she also has Medical Grade skin care products that work just as amazingly! I am WAY more confident in my skin than ever before and I only have Linda to thank for her expertise! ~Jenna

I first had Botox ten months ago. I remember being concerned by the wrinkles and prominent lines on my chin. I have always wanted to look the age I feel inside and when I saw those lines I started researching Botox. Linda has always been a dear friend and I trust her judgment on anything she is involved in. She has been in the medical health field and does so much research prior to talking about a topic. I saw that she was starting to do injections for Botox and reached out to her. I have to say I was very nervous about the procedure but after Linda explained exactly what was going to happen I knew what to expect. My first time we went very light. I was so excited about the results, I immediately called her two weeks after looking for more we could do. I am now a believer in the products Linda uses and the results have been amazing. If you are looking for a professional, very knowledgeable person, Linda is the one for you. ~Anonymous

The first time I ever received any sort of injection was with Linda. She made me feel so comfortable and walked me through the entire process. I feel that the scariest part about getting any kind of injection is the nervousness beforehand, and Linda made that as smooth as it possibly could be! That being said, if you are someone who is a first timer or who gets really nervous very easily, having someone who is incredibly knowledgeable but calming at the same time is very important. And that person is Linda! ~Brittany

I won’t lie I was hesitant to have Botox done. I’m 29 and I’ve been self conscious of my forehead wrinkles for years, but was nervous that my face would be frozen! Within the first 5 minutes of my consultation, Linda eased all my worries. She is highly educated and shares so much information that it makes you comfortable without being overwhelmed. I’m beyond happy that I gave it a try and will never go back. I have the confidence that I’ve been lacking for years, all thanks to Linda! ~Katie

Linda has treated me on multiple occasions with fillers and Botox, greatly exceeding my expectations! Her treatments take years off my middle-aged face and make me feel prettier in a natural looking way. I am so happy with the results! She allows as much time as needed so that I can explain my concerns (and budget). She listens, makes suggestions, and gives honest feedback without overselling procedures or products. Her vast knowledge and explaining options in detail and professionalism made me comfortable and well looked after! Thank you Linda!! ~Anonymous

I was very apprehensive to have something injected in my face but wanted to feel better about myself. Linda was very professional and thorough with the product and what it does along with the injections. I couldn’t believe the injections didn’t bruise or hurt. Linda is a very gentle person and listens to your concerns. I would highly recommend taking the leap and making you feel good about you! ~Becky

I am not a new customer to Botox but Linda made it most comfortable and as easy as possible. Her knowledge and enthusiasm for the industry is top notch. I have been and will continue to be a repeat customer. ~Anonymous