If you are considering getting a dermal filler or a neurotoxin, we suggest asking the following questions:

  1. Asking what the injector’s experience is including licensing, previous work experience, continuing education, and advanced training. This training and education must be accompanied by extensive knowledge of the facial anatomy and facial aesthetics. A medical professional is highly recommended.
  2. Ask them to tell you about the products they use, and to show you the product including the expiration date and packaging. Products manufactured overseas are not regulated by the FDA.
  3. Do you feel comfortable with your injector? Do they offer complimentary consultations? Are you two on the same page regarding your treatment plan?
  4. Most importantly, does your injector know what to do should you have an adverse reaction?
  5. Look at their social media pictures and reviews.
  6. Don’t always look for a deal. While products are sold to providers at the same cost (buying in bulk can reduce this somewhat), you should expect the pricing to be pretty similar across the board. If you are paying a bit more in one place vs. another, you are most likely paying for that provider’s expertise, training, and education. Don’t sacrifice a good outcome just because of pricing!
  7. Follow your provider’s pre and post injection instructions and have realistic expectations.

At Zurich Med Spa we pride ourselves on our professionalism and patient safety, resulting in positive outcomes. While we do offer other advanced aesthetic treatments, Linda’s main focus is on injections. Our practice does not foster a cookie cutter environment and neither is your treatment. All treatments are customized to each individual patient. We look forward to meeting you!

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